Kia whakaako i ngaa rangatahi kia manako, kia ngaakaunui mai to haapori – To educate and develop young people of whom our community will be proud.

Welcome to the home of Hillcrest High Sport

Hillcrest High School has a strong tradition of providing a large number of sports for students to choose from that foster the development of interpersonal skills, intelligence, emotional confidence and social development, striving towards creativity and enthusiasm.

Our mission is to value all students, enhancing their self-esteem, academic potential, abilities and sense of responsibility by helping them to develop the knowledge, ideas and skills to become active, independent, caring New Zealanders. We strongly encourage all students to become involved in the many co-curricular activities available to students.

The School’s co-curricular programme encourages students to become involved in the full life of the school, irrespective of expertise or experience. The school regularly enters over 100 teams in local sports, across 30 plus codes. A significant number of our students and teams gain regional, national and international recognition and ranking for their endeavours.

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Symptoms of concussion

If the person has any of the following symptoms, they may have concussion:

•                     not remembering what happened immediately before or after the injury

•                     confusion, difficulty concentrating

•                     loss of judgement and coordination, walking unsteadily, dizziness

•                     slurred speech

•                     headache that lasts a long time or gets worse

•                     vomiting or nausea

•                     ringing in their ears

•                     pupils of their eyes being different sizes

•                     changes in vision (what they can see)

•                     becoming sensitive to light

•                     loss of smell or taste.

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