Along with developing leadership skills through education outside the classroom and involvement in extra-curricular activities, there are also a number of opportunities for students to develop their leadership capacity in formalised roles.

At the junior level, students can become involved in the junior council and ensure that the views and voices of the junior students are heard.

At the senior level, there are elected leadership positions available in the area of Arts, Culture, Environment, Service, Manukura, Sport and Toiora. The leaders in these areas chair committees which students can join. The student body is led by four Head Students. A strong house system is led by House Captains.

Head Students

Alex Mathieson, Sarah Stevens, Madeline Coombes, Isla McNulty

Hear from our Head Students

Wow. Never thought this day would come, but it is an astounding honour and privilege to be selected as a Head Student at Hillcrest High this year. 6 months ago, if someone had told me I’d be up at quarter to ten writing a blurb about myself for a head student role, I would have called that person absolutely bananas. However, it’s a great day for bananas it seems, because here I am, and I intend to take the opportunity to make 2024 a special year for all Hillcrest Students & Community, especially the class of 2024. I’ve got a love and passion for interacting with as many people as I can, and if I can bring as many smiles to peoples faces this year as possible, then I’d call that a success.

It occurs to me that opportunities like this are very much described by the phrase “once in a lifetime” and as such, I’d like to spend this year making as many positive impacts, good memories and great moments for everyone at Hillcrest. I look forward to working with Sarah, Madeline and Isla, and I’m sure the 4 of us will make an action packed team to deliver on what will become, no doubt, a legendary year.

Hey, my name is Sarah, and I’m absolutely honoured to be able to stand in this position as a head student of 2024.

As I entered Hillcrest for the very first time at just 13 years old I was warmly welcomed by two smiling faces in bold, blue blazers. From that moment this role has been an aspiration of mine. Now, I am faced with not only the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the leaders that continued to inspire me for five years, but the opportunity to make as much of an impact on someone as the head students had on me all those years ago.

For my past five years at Hillcrest my goal has been to try everything, from the arts to various sports groups to different subjects I’ve never heard before. By getting stuck in immediately I was able to develop who I am as a person while meeting so many wonderful people. To me, this role is an opportunity to influence others to do the same. I can’t wait to get stuck into whatever the year throws at us, and hopefully make an impact on someone, just as the head students all those years ago did to me.

Kia Ora, my name is Madeline.

Heading into my fifth and final year at Hillcrest High School I am beyond honoured to uphold the position of a head student for 2024. This role is both a tremendous responsibility and a great privilege. I’m beyond excited to embody and demonstrate the values that our school upholds, fostering a sense of unity, respect, and excellence among all aspects of HHS.

As I look back on the past twelve years of school I’ve always been amongst leadership aspects, whether it be within sporting or group activities in the classroom. So, I guess you could say this role has been an aspiration of mine for some time now.

For those wondering who I am, my name is Isla.

I am finishing up my time at high school this year, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to take on a role as a head student.

I love all the opportunities our school offers whether it’s the classes, the sports, or leadership opportunities.
I like to do things that challenge me. I believe that this role will do that and I will have so much to learn from this year.

I’m excited to get as involved as possible and to give back my time to create amazing high school experiences.

Senior Student Leaders 2024

Arts Captains

Jasmine Terry, Amira Stephenson

Cultural Captains

Rishabh Kanwal, Joyce Ji

Environment Captains

Erika Piper, Claire Maree Norton

Manukura Captains

Kaliyah Fatupaito, Petiwaea Thompson

Service Captains

Reece Early, Sarah Verner

Sports Captains

Joshua Cavanagh. Bria Duncan

Toiora Captains

Xavier Knight, Anna Graves

BOT Representative

Jennifer Guo



Oisin Ballinger, Raetara David

Te Puea

Anna-Juan van der Spoel, Zack Ea


Emma Hamilton, Lily Brazendale


Maddy Kay, Jaxon Stone


Uifoou Pule, Rowan Giles