Kia ora – Greetings

Hillcrest High School is a decile 7 co-educational secondary school with a roll of approximately 1750 students. Opened in 1972, the school will be celebrating 50 years of education in the Hillcrest community at Easter 2022. We are a very inclusive school where diversity is highly valued and this is reflected in our diverse range of students, languages and cultures.

Teaching and learning and academic achievement is our core business. We aim to provide every student the opportunity to excel and gain the qualifications, skills and experiences that they require in their future pathways.

Our students are provided with an extensive range of activities involving Education  Outside the Classroom (EOTC),  sport,  the    Arts, performance and culture as well as numerous leadership and community-based activities. These opportunities make a significant contribution to our school and in doing so add pride and school spirit, which are both essential in a successful school.

The beliefs and values of Hillcrest High School are based on our RAPID values which are firmly embedded in the culture and ethos of the school and form the basis of our behavioural management system. Within the framework of these values, the school promotes high standards of student conduct and behaviour.  
Staff and student well-being are foremost in our minds as we work collectively to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students and provide opportunities for staff to develop professionally and continually strive to become better teachers.
As educators we play a key role in the development of our young people for their role in our future. Our world is undergoing considerable change, and we must provide our students with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to cope with the challenges ahead.

Kelvin Whiting - Principal