Students are expected to abide by the uniform code and guidelines at all times, as representatives of the school while attending and travelling to and from school.

Hillcrest High uniforms can be purchased from NZ Uniforms. Second-hand Uniforms are for sale at the school between 9-10 am Monday to Thursday or by appointment. Please identify/name all uniforms.

General Appearance and Grooming

  • Hair to be clean and tidy
  • Students must be clean shaven

  • Principal reserves the right to determine a student’s appearance inappropriate

Uniform Information


  • Navy dress school shorts, navy dress school trousers or skirt
  • School shirt or blouse
  • School navy woolen jersey or navy jacket – the sports hoodie is NOT a part of the school uniform
  • School cap or school beanie
  • Showerproof navy school jacket
  • Plain navy/black scarf
  • Thermals  (must not be visible)
  • No visible tattoos


  • Black Roman Sandals
  • Plain black lace-up school shoes with black ankle socks (NOT low cut/no show socks) or plain navy/black knee length socks
  • No ankle boots

PE Uniform

  • All students must be dressed in the school-sanctioned PE uniform (shirts and shorts).
  • In colder weather, the PE uniform should be supplemented with a black or navy blue thermal top or school sports hoodie
  • When lessons move off-site (e.g. swimming and fitness), we strongly recommend that students wear appropriate sports shoes (not school shoes) to protect against the cold, debris left on roads and footpaths, and hot surfaces during the warmer months.
  • A school cap for sun protection (we also recommend that students apply sunscreen prior to lessons)
  • A change of underwear, towel and plastic bag is recommended to be stored in a locker or brought to school on wet days.

Senior uniform as above, except:

  • Pinstriped skirt
  • Pinstriped woven blouse
  • Pinstriped woven shirt
  • School sports hoodie is NOT a part of the school uniform

Girls and boys

  • Navy school PE shorts
  • Navy school PE shirt
  • Showerproof navy school jacket

No uniform

But a high standard of clean and tidy dress at all times, appropriate in content and style for school wear.

  • Must not contain offensive or sexist language, advertise alcohol or drugs
  • No clothing normally considered ‘beachwear’
  • Shorts must be hemmed and NOT ripped
  • Length of shorts – inside leg measurement must be at least 12cm
  • No bare midriffs
  • No singlets/tanktops
  • Students must have footwear
  • One small nose stud is permitted, no other facial piercings
  • Students must be clean-shaven
As specified by coaches and sports codes

  • School tracksuit
  • One discrete necklace
  • Taonga
  • One pair earring studs or sleepers in the ears
  • One small nose stud is permitted, no other facial or body piercing
  • No other jewellery is acceptable