The Board of Trustees meets at 5.30 pm on the second Tuesday of every month.

Members of the public are welcome to attend Board of Trustees meetings.

The meeting agenda and associated reports (if any) will be available at least two working days before the meeting by emailing kralph@hillcrest-high.school.nz.

Copies of school minutes of Board of Trustee meetings are available from the school office.

Board Members

The Board of Trustees meets 5.30pm on the second Tuesday of every month.



  • Mrs. Meleane Burgess

Deputy Chairperson

Staff representative

  • Mr. Ben Kennedy

Parent representatives

  • Mr. Geoff King

  • Dr. Fiona Rhodes
  • Mr. Andrew Strawbridge
  • Mr. Simon Young

Coopted representative

  • Mr. Ted Wharawhara

Student representative

  • Frankie Nabeka

Other Committees

Finance Committee

Meets once a month

  • Geoff King (Chairperson)

Property Committee

Meets when necessary

  • Ben Kennedy

Student Welfare Committee

Meets when necessary

  • All current trustees

Personnel Committee

Appointment of management positions in teaching

  • Fiona Rhodes