WINTER sports happen in Term 2 and 3 and are listed below


​​​​​​​Badminton caters to students who want to compete in the inter-school competition. Team practices take place in our very own state-of-the-art JL Gym. Players signing up for competitive badminton are committing to compete in the inter-schools competition and also attend training from Term One through to Term Three. There are also regular non-competitive tournaments on weekends throughout the year that will be advertised.

Person in Charge: Mr. Fleming (Sports Coordinator)

Terms: Part of Term 1 and Term 2 & 3

Practice Times: Thursday 3.30 – 5 pm (JL Gym)

Fees: $10 Social, $40 Division

Uniform: Navy PE shorts and PE top

Gear: Own racquet and indoor court shoes

Important Dates:

Division 1
When: 4-5pm Tuesdays  from week 3 Term 2 and Week 2 Term 3
Division 2
When: 4-5pm Thursdays from Week 3 Term 2 and Week 2 Term 3
Social Badminton
When: 3.30-5pm Tuesday and Thursday Term 2 and Term 3


Basketball is one of the fastest-growing sports within the Secondary School Space; growing 10% per annum. This year will see HHS enter 10 teams in a local competition. Hillcrest High School is blessed to have amazing facilities including our state-of-the-art JL Gym with high-quality flooring, competition sprung hoops, and bleachers. Further West sees our second Gym with many of the same amenities with the exception of bleachers. 

Due to the rapid growth of Basketball, we are in desperate need of coaches and managers to support our teams. If you think you can help, please contact the teacher in charge.

Teacher in Charge: Mr. Sim

Terms: Two and Three

All Other Teams: $130.00

Gear: Own mouthguard (compulsory) and basketball shoes/sneakers


  • Tuesday 26th March 5 – 7 pm
  • Thursday 28th March 5 – 7 pm
  • Tuesday 9th April 5 – 7 pm
  • Wednesday 10th April 5 – 7 pm
  • Thursday 11th April 5 – 7 pm

Competition Information

Tip-off is at either 5, 6, or 7 pm at various school gyms within the Waikato region.

Grade Night
Juniors Tuesday
Seniors (all other teams) Thursday
Senior Boys Premier & Senior Boys Navy Friday

Important Dates:

Begins Week 2, Term 3 2021

Cross Country

​​​​​​​Parent in Charge: Kevin Endres 

Training Days: Wednesday & Friday 3.45 pm – meet in the school carpark by the Football field nearest Masters Ave

The age grades for Cross Country are as follows:

  • Senior
  • Junior
  • Year 9

Central Zones

When: Tuesday 25 May 2021

Where: Days Park (Opp 788 River Rd, Chartwell, Hamilton 3210)

WAI/BoP Champs 

When: Wednesday 9 June 2021

Where: Whakatane

NZSS Champs 

When: When Saturday 19 June 2021

Where: Hawera


Teacher in Charge: Mr. A Turner (TIC of Football)

Terms: Term 3

Practice Times:

Team Days Time Location
1XI Boys Mon, Wed, Fri 7am – 8.15am HHS Field 1
1XI Girls Tue, Thur 3.30 – 5.30pm HHS Field 1
2XI Boys Mon, Wed 3.30 – 5pm HHS Field 2
2XI Girls Tue, Thur 3.30 – 5.30pm HHS Field 1
3XI Boys Tue, Thur 5 – 6pm Jansen 1
3XI Girls Wed 3.30 – 5pm HHS Field 1
Snr Boys Rutherford Thur 3.30 – 5pm Jansen 2
Snr Girls Te Puea Tue, Thur 3.45 – 5pm Jansen 2
Snr Boys Hillary Tue, Thur 3.30 – 5pm Jansen 1
Jnr Boys Colts (10A) Tue, Thur 3.30 – 5.15pm HHS Field 2
Jnr Boys Sheppard (10B) Tue, Thur 3.30 – 5.15pm HHS Field 3
Jnr Boys Development (9A) Tue, Thur 3.30 – 5.15pm HHS Field 2
Jnr Boys Snell (9B) Thur 3.30 – 5pm HHS Field 3
Jnr Girls A Mon, Wed 3.30 – 5.15pm HHS Field 3


Team Coach Manager
1XI Boys Russ Finlay Darryl Stuart & Natalie Garcia
1XI Girls Steve Henderson Leeann Shaw
2XI Boys Mory Camara Tara Higgs, Glenys Doakes & Nigel Beattie
2XI Girls Jet Lim Karen Hay
Boys Rutherford Rick McPherson Jenny McPherson
Girls Sheppard Mitchell Roe Vicky Baker & Darren Harris
Boys Senior Snell Fazeel Aqil Tirina Harwood
Boys Te Puea Social self-coached Julia French, Susan Rudolf & David Wheadon
Boys Colts Josh Groom & Gerard Hay Hans Uivel
Girls Junior A Dave Reay & Martin Seifert Lee Te Kani
Boys Jnr Development Kalan Hales Shelley Cavanagh
Boys 10B Leon Shim Dianne Warren
Boys 9B Rex Fowler Lisa Zegwaard
Girls Junior B Mark Cowley Denucia Jordon

NB: Jansen = Jansen Park (Morris Rd, Silverdale, Hamilton 3216)

Match Days for all teams are Saturday with games generally commencing at 8.30 am with final kick-off at 11 am.

Development Team Fee 2020: $50

Premier Team (1XI) Fee 2020: $140

Uniform: Juniors PE Kit. Senior Uniform provided at no additional charge. Socks $17 a pair. Payment can be made through the Accounts Office.

Cheques made payable to Hillcrest High School.

Gear: Own Football boots and shin pads.

Important Dates:

Non-1st XI 

3 rounds of grading starting 27th June including the first Saturday of the holidays

Then an 8 round League

1st XI (Senior Premier)

Starting 27th June a 10-round League.  No grading and no games scheduled for Saturday at the end of  Winter Tournament week.

WSFA College Day Tournament (1XI Boys and Girls-Only)


Person in Charge: Mr. Evelyn (TIC Golf) 

There are traditionally three events within the Secondary School calendar year for Golf. 

Cost: Costs will be charged per event, as indicated during registration.

Uniform: Navy PE shorts and PE top.

Gear: Students are required to provide all of their own gear.

WSS Matchplay Champs

When: TBC 

Where: Te Awamutu Golf Club

WSS Inter-Collegiate Day 

When: ​​​​​​​TBC

Where: Matamata and Morrinsville Golf Clubs

WSS Inter-Collegiate Champs Day

When: ​​​​​​​TBC 

Where: Hamilton Golf Club, St Andrews 


We are very fortunate to have a knowledgeable and experienced Teacher in Charge of Hockey and 1XI Boys Coach, Mr Richard Baggs, who has been involved in Hockey for multiple decades. Mr. Baggs is a Technical Officer for Waikato Hockey and has been Technical Officer for National Championships including the Men’s U21 series. Aleisha Rainey will be taking our Female Premier team this year and also comes with a wealth of experience, beginning her career when she was 4 and continuing to play for the varsity prem team. A career highlight for Aleisha is a massive accomplishment having played in the NHL in Wellington in 2018.  

Person in Charge: Mr. Baggs (TIC Hockey)

Terms: Three

GHC = Gallagher Hockey Centre (Hamilton Lake, Hamilton 3204) 

Match Days

Games start from 4.30 – 7.30 pm at GHC, HBHS (SCHC Schick Construction Hockey Centre i.e. HBHS) & St Pauls.

U18 A grade (girls and boys) – Wednesday (1XI Girls) 

U18 C (girls and boys, mixed teams play in the boy’s grade) – Monday (2XI Girls) 

6 aside social (mixed teams, all U18) – Tuesday (Boys teams) 

Draw Information

Hockio App: This is used for viewing draws, results and standings. The app is not used for recording match day events/results. Download:

Google Play Store

Apple StoreHOCKIO

How to use the app

Head Injuries

While the majority of Managers/Coaches look after and prioritise player welfare pretty well, so there are no grey areas and spur of the moment emotions in certain games influencing decisions, the following rule is in effect (same rules for everyone):

If a player:

  • Requires medical attention or has to leave the field due to a head injury, NO matter how minor it seems, they are unable to play the remainder of that game.
  • Clearly shows signs of a concussion (see below), are unable to play again until a Doctors clearance is emailed through. A reminder that concussion symptoms may not show for 48hrs AND the riskiest time is another knock during this period.

The potential health risks here far outweigh a game of hockey, be smart, think to the future as a breach of this rule may result in a judiciary and subsequent penalties.

Match Official/Umpires please report any such events (Date, Team, Player Name, Shirt #).


It is very rare for hockey to be cancelled, as hockey is played on an artificial surface. Sometimes the turf can experience flooding but this does drain away quickly once the rain stops.

Cancellation notifications will appear here on rare occasions.

Otherwise: If not cancelled AND weather changes it is up to the Umpires (in consultation with coaches) to determine if the match starts or is abandoned. Note Games must finish on time, if you start late or there are weather interruptions the game is shortened.

Uniform: Uniform is provided for all teams. Students are required to purchase their own socks from NZ Uniforms.

Gear: Own hockey stick, mouth guard and shin pads.

Fees TBC 2021 

Important Dates:

Rosehill Exchange (1XI Boys & Girls) TBC

Pakuranga Juniors (Y9 & 10) TBC

NZSS Hockey Girls Federation Cup/Marie Fry Trophy (Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga Heights, Auckland, 2010)

NZSS Hockey Boys Mayhill Cup (45 Park Ave, Kensington, Whangarei 0112)


Person in Charge: Mrs. Quintal (TIC Lacrosse)

Terms: Three and Four​​​​​​​

Location of Games:

Girls: Tamahere Park, Tamahere

Practice Times:

Team Location Day Time
Premier Girls Turf (Green) Tue 3.30-5.15pm
  HHS Field 2 Thu 7-9 am
Development HHS Field 3 (closest to the carpark) – 1/2 shared with Football Thu 3.30-5.15pm


Team Coach Manager
Premier Girls

Georgia Clarkin-Rush

Siobhan Quintal

Kristen McKay
Girls Development

Yana Babria

Hannah McGuire

Renee Mayall

Rotation between Yana/Hannah/Renee


Premier Fee: $170 (outdoor)

Development & B Grade Fee: $85 (outdoor)

Premier Uniform: Playing strip included in the fee (boys and girls).

Development & B Grade Uniform: HHS Lacrosse Playing Top can be purchased at the office ($53). Playing strip included in the fee (boys and girls).

Girls Gear: Purchase own mouthguard, lacrosse stick and goggles compulsory.

National Tournament

Location: Tamahere Sports Ground (fields behind Tamahere school)

Dates: 3 – 5 September

Coaches: Siobhan Quintal and Georgia Clarkin-Rush

Manager: Kristen McKay

Fee: TBC



With a strong tradition of Netball at our High School, we have produced some phenomenal Netball stars including one of New Zealand’s finest, Laura Langman. ​​​​​​​

Teacher’s in Charge:

Mrs. Webber

Terms: Two and Three

ALL Netball Teams use the Blue Turf to train, with the exception of the Open A team who use the JL Gym.

Premier: $260 pp. (excludes UNISS)

Premier Reserve: $150 pp.

Junior Premier: $150 pp.

All Other Players’ Fee: $110 pp.

Gear: Balls, bibs, and whistles provided.

Competition Start Dates:

Monday Night League: July 26th – August 23rd (Premier ONLY)

Open Grade Saturday: May 8th – September 18th (Premier ONLY)

Secondary Competition:  May 13th – September 25th (Premier Reserve, Junior Prem and all other teams at all levels)


This year we have a sprint on our hands, with the winter sports season only 12 weeks in length, including 3 weeks of grading rounds and 9 weeks of competition. 

We would love to see you supporting our teams, particularly at our home games so grab yourself a coffee and GO HILLY!

Teacher in Charge: Mr. Te Rito (TIC Rugby, PE Teacher)

Uniform: HHS Rugby Jersey, Shorts and Socks provided.

Gear: Rugby Boots and Mouth Guard.

Fees: TBC

Training Days: Both teams train Tues & Thurs 3.30 – 5 pm on the HHS Field.

Game Day: Saturday

Competition Structure

  • Grading rounds on the 15, 22, 29 May
  • 9-week competition starts on 12th August and finishes on the 21st August


Teacher in Charge: Mr. Kennedy (TIC Skiing, PE Teacher)

Secondary School Skiing and Snowboarding have an annual competition at Turoa Ski Field, Mt Ruapehu.

There are two events:

  • Timed Giant Slalom
  • Freestyle Jam in the Terrain Park

Important Dates:

Waikato Secondary Schools Ski & Snowboard competition

  • Banked Slalom
  • Freestyle Jam

Date: Friday 27 August (Back up Friday 3 September)

Venue:  Turoa

NISS Ski competition

  • Giant Slalom
  • Slope Style
  • Skiercross

Date:  20-22 September

Venue:  Whakapapa and Turoa



Teacher in Charge: Miss Bourke (TIC Snowboard, Digital Media)

Secondary School Skiing and Snowboarding have an annual competition at Turoa Ski Field, Mt Ruapehu.

There are two events:

  • Timed Giant Slalom
  • Freestyle Jam in the Terrain Park.

Following the Waikato Secondary Schools Competition (WSS), top snowboarders have the opportunity to compete at the North Island Secondary Schools Snowboard Championships held mid-September at Turoa Ski Field. Over two hundred competitors representing forty plus High Schools from Whangarei to Wellington and Gisborne to New Plymouth,  compete in Giant Slalom, Slope Style and Boardercross events over three days.

Important Dates:

Waikato SS Ski & Board Champs
When:  Friday 27 August 2021
Venue:  Turoa
NISS Snowboard Champs
When:  Monday-Wednesday 27-29 September 2021


Person in Charge: Bruce Morgan (Parent, Squash Waikato Manager)

Terms: Training begins the end of Term 1 and continues through to Term 3

Practice Times: Thursdays 8 – 9.15 am

Cost: FREE to begin with however, students will be required to sign up to Lugton’s Park Squash Club after the first three sessions.

Uniform: Navy PE shorts and PE top

Gear: Sneakers, rackets, and ball provided

Waikato Interschool Competition

Played every Wednesday after school beginning May 15, these weekly interschool events are a great way to ensure athletes are getting in plenty of match experience prior to the WSS Tournaments which are held the week after these events finished (Term 2, across weeks 8 and 9).  Refer below for the dates.

Tournament Dates​​​​​​​

Date Competition Name Location
June 15th WSS Individual Girls Champs TBC
June 17th WSS Individual Boys Champs TBC
June 10th WSS Teams Event TBC