Year-round sports happen throughout the year and are listed below


Person in Charge: Joss Black (Parent) ​​​​​​​


Venue: St Peter’s School (1716 Cambridge Road, Leamington, Cambridge 3283)

Invitational: 21st March (Ponies) and 22nd March (Horses)

Open Inter-Schools Comp 1  20th March

Open Inter-Schools Comp 2 19th June

North Island Inter-schools  23/24 October

Show Jumping

Venue: St Peter’s School (1716 Cambridge Road, Leamington, Cambridge 3283)

North Island Inter-Schools Series 1 27/28 March

North Island Inter-Schools Series 2 5/6 June

North Island Inter-Schools Finals  4/5 December

Waikato Show Jumping

Venue: Leamington Pony Club Grounds (76 Campbell Street, Leamington, Cambridge 3432)

WSS Show Jumping: Not going ahead in 2021.



Venue: Taupo NEC (114 Rapids Road, Rotokawa 3378)

WSS Eventing: 22/23 MAY 2021


Show Hunter

Venue: Taupo NEC (114 Rapids Road, Rotokawa 3378)

North Island Secondary Schools Show Hunter:    Not going ahead in 2021

Inline Hockey

Inline Hockey is a fast-paced, action-packed game and certainly a great alternative to Ice Hockey. We are lucky to have Mr. Gilliver as both Teacher in Charge and Coach. With a wealth of experience.  He still plays and referees at club level and has played at regional level.  Mr. Gilliver continues to coach the school’s High school inline hockey national team, and in 2021 Hillcrest High school win the national championships.  The schools league runs for 8 weeks per term played.

Person in Charge: Mr. Gilliver (TIC Inline Hockey)

Terms: Terms One and Four

Practice & Training:

All practice’s and matches are held at the Hamilton Inline Hockey Club (Old Farm Rd, Hamilton East, Hamilton 3216).

The training times are divided into 45-minute slots, with the Division C and B players at 4.00 pm and Division A and B players at 4.45 pm. Time slots will change as players progress.

Practice Days:

Team Name Division Day Time
Semtex One Tuesday 4.45 – 5.30pm
Hexanite One Tuesday 4.45 – 5.30pm
Hurricane Two Tuesday 4.45 – 5.30pm
Typhoon Two Tuesday 4 – 4.45pm
Titanium Three Tuesday 4 – 4.45pm

Cost: $65 per term

Shirts $85   

Students are expected to play in their PE gear to start with and then buy the light colour shirt. Later students are expected to buy the dark shirt.

Students who play at national champs or tournaments are expected to have both shirts with their names and number.

Uniform: PE shorts and white inline shirt (year one). Inline Hockey athletes in their second year of play can purchase a blue shirt.

Gear: Players should purchase their own skates and gear. However, the inline hockey club allows beginners to use the club gear to start off with.


​​​​​​​Multi-Sport is comprised of Adventure Racing, Aquathon (Swimming & Running), Duathlon (Cycling & Running) and Triathlon (Swimming, Cycling & Running). Adventure racing events are usually managed by Multisports clubs and there is a wide variety of community events held throughout New Zealand. This year the New Zealand Secondary Schools event is staged in South Island hosted by MSARNZ, Southern Lakes Multisport Club, Cromwell College and Sport Central. Currently, there are no specific Waikato Secondary Schools Aquathon events within the Waikato region. Duathlon and Triathlon are great events for Multi-Sport athletes to engage in while at Hillcrest High School for 2019. 

Teacher in Charge: Mr. Hay (TIC Multi-Sport, PE Teacher) 

Uniform: HHS PE Gear, own cycling-specific clothing and swimsuits/togs.

Gear: Own Cycle, helmet, goggles, swimming cap (wear Hillcrest Swim Club cap if you have one).

Cost: Costs vary per event and will be listed at the time of registration.

Important Dates:


Waikato Duathlon Wed 26 June WSS Team Duathlon Championships
Mighty River Lake Domain, Karapiro
Wed 31 July WSS Individual Duathlon Championships
Mighty River Lake Domain, Karapiro
Sun 11 August New Zealand Secondary School Duathlon
Waikato Triathlon Wed 13 March WSS Individual Triathlon Championships
Mighty River Lake Domain, Karapiro
Tue 19 March WSS Team Triathlon Championships
Mighty River Lake Domain, Karapiro
Fri 29 March New Zealand Secondary School Triathlon
New Plymouth