Thanks to Waikato Unicol FC, Hillcrest was lucky enough to host former All-White legend Ben Sigmund who spoke to our community about his past experiences and shared some words of wisdom for our young players only beginning their journey.

Sigmund’s key message was about ‘Balance Is Better’ by understanding your own goals and decisions. Once those decisions are made then discipline and or commitment are needed to follow through with playing a team sport whether it is for fun or to compete due to the opportunity teams sports provide.

Sigmund recounted the many highs and lows of his career and how he even gave Rugby a go in his early 20s before recommitting to football. How he managed those moments by being patient and taking responsibility for the decisions he made. He did not want to be in his 40s saying “if only”. The underlying message was that the only person you can change is yourself and how those decisions lift both yourself and those around you to be better.

The biggest takeaway, despite all his success, was how football gave him lifelong friendships, which created connections and provided further opportunities once the boots were hung up. He said if there was not present he would not have been as successful.

Ben talked about the importance of parents, coaches, and teachers in supporting players off the pitch in living up to their goals and the importance of acknowledging the work that often goes unnoticed.

Thanks for the visit Ben, our community appreciated it.