Dear Parents and Caregiver

Last week I was fortunate to attend the Premier and Top Scholar Awards held in Parliament for the top achieving scholarship students across the country. For the second year in succession Janet Guo was a recipient of a Premier Award. Janet received a top subject award for Classics and was one of 11 students to receive a Premier Award for outstanding success in the 2022 Scholarship examinations, after gaining a total of 12 Scholarships including 4 Outstanding Scholarships in the 2022 Scholarship examinations. These are amazing achievements and a reflection of Janet’s academic ability and huge work ethic. It also reflects Hillcrest High School’s desire to support our students and acknowledge the significance of students achieving at the highest level of their chosen field. It was great to catch up with Janet once again. She is now studying Biochemistry at Auckland University.

There is only a very select group of students who achieve at the very highest level, however that does not detract from the many other students in our school who reach personal, group or team milestones and success whether in the classroom, on the sports field, in performance or other endeavors. I congratulate those students who continually try their best to achieve their aspirations and goals. More often than not it doesn’t come easy and you need to show real perseverance and grit, but knowing that you have given your best shot is what matters the most. I would also like to endorse the benefits of being involved in the activities and opportunities we provide for our students and the values learnt from developing a good work ethic and being part of a team or group.

Senior students should be making some real inroads into their NCEA this term. They should be working on internals and their credit count should be taking shape. Changes to NCEA are on the immediate horizon, and these have been summarised in the newsletter. Teachers are working hard to plan for the changes to NCEA, which begin next year with Level 1. Although NCEA Level 1 is optional for schools, we have decided to continue with Level 1 in 2024. We believe that it is the best option for our school and our students. It is important that students have goals and aspirations and can see something tangible for their efforts as well as preparing them for Level 2 the following year.

I look forward to your continued support of our school over the next term and beyond. 


Ngaa mihi

Kelvin Whiting