Winter sport is now underway, with several hundred students and a large number of staff involved in netball, football, rugby, hockey , lacrosse, inline hockey, badminton, basketball, archery and squash, amongst others. As a school, we believe in the importance of being involved in extracurricular activities such as sport as it gives young people a range of experiences and skills that will benefit them in future life. Learning to deal with challenges, differences, success and failure, working with others and time management are key skills that will place our rangatahi in a good position to be successful in their chosen pathways. If your young person is not involved in anything outside the classroom please encourage and help them find an opportunity that they enjoy and that works for them. 

Sports Uniform

As a school, we believe that the presentation of our teams on and off the field is highly important and representative of our school. Please ensure you, or your child, is wearing the correct uniform when they head off for their games. If there are any issues please talk with the coach, head of that sport, or the Director of Sport so we can help ensure this is happening. 

Sports Fees

A reminder that sport at Hillcrest High School is user pays and sports fees are due 4 weeks after the start of the season. Players who have not paid, or made arrangements to pay, may not be eligible to continue playing for their team. This is the last thing we would want but we have been dealing with a large amount of unpaid fees in recent seasons and this is not sustainable. Automatic payments can be set up with the accounts office if the full fee cannot be paid at once. If you need to discuss this please contact the Director of Sport.