Our ball this year, with a theme rooted in English literature of the 1800s, will blend the aesthetics of high society in the regency period into the halls of University of Waikato’s Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts. Think spiral staircases, collector’s bookshelves, twisting ivy and oil paintings, crystal chandeliers and easels laden with canvases just waiting to painted – while we are unable to construct a new staircase to sit in the middle of the venue, we’d like to think that we’ve got the rest of that list down pact. Hillcrest High Schools Manor on The Hill will be open to all Year 12 and 13 students who have below 5% unjustified absences who have purchased tickets from Accounts or Kamar by the time September 3rd rolls around, and while time is an abundance, we definitely would encourage the nobility of Hillcrest to get on top of purchasing tickets as soon as possible!

We have experienced both highs and lows with organising the ball so far this year, with the ever present threat of the global pandemic impacting communication with not just catering companies, DJs and formal photographers etc. but also within our committee as well. Fortunately, regardless of circumstances, our Events Council (including our teacher in charge, Mrs Kennedy) have been quick to bounce back, and we are all looking forward to the challenge of final bookings, promotions and entertainment that approach us in the month ahead! We would say that the best part of the experience, or at least so far, has been meeting new people and working alongside professionals in this craft to ensure that our HHS ball is a night to remember – we cannot wait to see everything fall into place on September 3rd, and we hope to see you there!