Introducing your Arts Captains for 2022:
Alisha Mohamed:
 I’m super excited and grateful to be one of 2022’s Arts Captains and can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store for this year. Since Year 9 I have been involved in the school in many different ways. I’ve been a part of many different areas of the school such as arts, academic, cultural, and junior councils over the years as well as clubs such as Junior Shakespeare, Orchestra, Scat, and more. I have also represented the school at the regional spelling bee and also at the 2019 Barbershop YSIH Nationals placing second nationwide with our mixed chorus; Chordination. Both Emma and I have also been supporting the arts in whatever ways we can since 2018; having gone to watch or perform at nearly every show together since we arrived at HHS.

As an Arts Captain this year, I hope to continue to bring enthusiasm and excitement to the arts and hope to share my passion for the arts with the rest of Hillcrest High. The Arts are a major part of our school community and we hope to continue to keep it alive through what we have planned for this year; with some of our main events being the Talent Crest in Week 5 of Term 2 and Arts Fest in Week 3 of Term 3.

Emma Templeman:

I am very honoured to be selected as one of the 2022 Arts Captains and am super excited to showcase all things artsy over the next four terms. Since the beginning of my journey at Hillcrest High I have been part of numerous groups, councils and clubs, such as Writers group, Arts Council, SCAT and in my Junior years I was part of the schools Waterpolo team. Through trialing many different areas of the school I was able to find that the Arts truly is ‘the place for me’ and I hope to show the students of Hillcrest High that it may also be the place for them. For me, the arts have always been a form of self expression whether that is by writing songs such as the song ‘Shortcomings’ I have on the School Album or by helping to choreograph dance routines for school performances, I am always willing to put myself out there.

It is important to me that all students feel that they can truly express themselves in the school and I hope that throughout the year the arts may help them do this. It truly is a miracle that I get to work alongside Alisha, making our year 9 dream to both be Arts Captain come true. I know that we both share the same intention to make this year as ‘normal’ as possible and promote the arts to the best of our ability with aid from our amazing council and Arts Faculty.