Meet your Sports Captains for 2022:

Trinaka Kenny:

My time at Hillcrest has seen me become involved in as many of the great opportunities offered as possible. From my love of football and futsal, to the awesome school spirit at athletics day and swimming sports, to my very special memories of my 5 weeks at Great Barrier Island. Hillcrest High has provided me with the opportunities to grow my leadership skills and grow as a person, I will be forever grateful.

I am proud to be the Hillcrest High School Sports Captain for 2022. I have a huge passion for sport and believe the skills learnt of team work, humbleness, leadership, perseverance and communication will help everyone succeed in life outside of school. This year Erik, the Sports Council and I hope to be able to provide an inclusive and comfortable sporting environment at Hillcrest. Any involvement whether it be in a social capacity, a development team or at the top level is important to me. I believe sport creates culture and I want to create an environment where students are comfortable to try something new. I look forward to supporting all students on their sporting stage, see you out there!

Erik Geng: 

I have been enjoying my time at Hillcrest High School since Year 9. It gives me so much opportunity to involve myself in all sorts of activities. I have played volleyball, basketball and table tennis at school and they have given me so much fun. I love the friendly and welcoming atmosphere in all of my sports teams. I have been winning Waikato volleyball competitions 5 years in a row from 2018 to 2022. Winning the 2018 Junior Volleyball North Island championship and coming 5th in the 2021 National volleyball tournament have been my highlights at Hillcrest high school. I have also participated in the Year 12 Peer support programme. Helping year 9 students adapt to the high school environment has also helped me to become more confident. I’m also currently a maths tutor helping students to improve their academic performance.

I’m looking forward to raising the house spirit at the school in the role of sports captain. By organising house events, I would like to give the students at Hillcrest high school a sense of belonging. Moreover, I would also like to encourage more students to participate in sports events. Not only the athletic students, anyone who is interested in playing sports is encouraged to participate. The fun of sports activities should be enjoyed by everyone in the school. During the year, I plan to run all sorts of sports activities. From the newly introduced Spikeball competition to the traditional athletic day, I would like to run as many events as possible to raise the popularity of sports at Hillcrest high school.