2022’s Shakespeare production is now over!! Directed by Ms Pamment, ‘The Winter’s Tale’ was truly an experience all who performed in or watched will not forget. Since the early months of 2022 till the last performance, Ms Pamment has dedicated all her time towards making this Shakespeare a high quality show – and that, it was!! Whilst we did experience some slight setbacks due to Omicron, the show had to go on and with some roles having to be cast with 5 days to spare, it was barely noticeable to the audience, who were all shocked by the events in Sicilia and laughed at the comedics in Bohemia. Of course, this could not have happened without the help of the teachers: Ms Binks – who was in charge of production management, Mr Baker – who was the music director, Ms Cash – who was head of costume, hair and makeup, and Miss Brougham – who also helped in costume, hair and makeup. It is also important to acknowledge all the students who led departments: Rachel Crail, Julia Doyle and Azra Patty – stage managers and assistant stage manager, Aaliyah Ghani – who assisted Ms Cash in organising the costumes, and Ephraim Frame – who organised all the technological aspects, including: lighting, photography and videography. And lastly but certainly not least, all the cast members who worked tirelessly and spent so much of their time rehearsing and learning lines. This is sure to be a Shakespeare that no one forgets!!