This year’s level 3 production, The 53rd Victim by Pip Hall, was a thrilling retelling of a true story. The play followed a New Zealand Doctor, Rachel Brooke-Taylor, through the chaos that is the London bombings of 2005. Hailed as a hero by the media Rachel is thrust into the public eye as a put-together, intelligent, saviour. And yet, in two weeks she had fallen from grace not even her family knew what to believe. Rachel was not what she seemed and as the lies unravelled, the truth came out. Rachel was no hero, in fact she wasn’t even a doctor, just someone that wanted more in life. With Sickness, Covid, and trips, the rehearsal process was interrupted greatly, but the show must go on. With determination, a couple stand-ins and an incredible director, Ms Binks,  we were able to put on a successful tear-jerking performance.