The 2022 Hillcrest High School Cross Country took place this term at Jansen Park. We saw multiple competitors from all age groups battle it out to find the school’s fastest runners. There are different competing courses for the competitors, the 3km, 4km and 6km courses. 

The top 3 placings for different courses are as follows:  

Year 9 Girls: 1st Isobel Peart, 2nd Millie Dixon, 3rd Anna Wu                                   

Year 9 Boys:1st Samuel Doake 2nd Devin Early 3rd Evan Hu                                     

Junior Girls: 1st Zara Brassington 2nd Anizma-Jae Titoko-Isaacs 3rd Raetara David

Junior Boys: 1st Tyler Lee  2nd Saber Khaw 3rd Tyler Yu                                           

Senior Girls: 1st Alicia O’Connor  2nd Trinika Kenny   3rd Jana Cardona  Hay                         

Senior Boys; 1st Louie Endres 2nd Joshua Cavanagh 3rd Bakhtullah Khawrin                                 


We are pleased to announce the final placing for this house competition is:

 1st Te Puea 2nd Hillary 3 Sheppard 4 Snell 5 Rutherford