Introducing your Environment Captains for 2022, Isla Neilson and Zoe Harris.

We are both really excited about the year ahead! We are passionate about making the school a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place for students now and in the future. As Environment Captains this year, We hope to continue to bring enthusiasm and dedication to the environment and hope to share our passion for improving our communities environment with the rest of Hillcrest High. 

The Environment captains have been involved in extracurricular activities throughout their Hillcrest high school experience. Isla and Zoe have been a part of many councils throughout the years and have enjoyed working together with different people to improve the school. Zoe and Isla have both been peer support leaders for the junior students and have loved this leadership opportunity. Isla has played football for all her high school years and really enjoyed that community. Zoe has been a part of netball and volleyball since year nine and was a part of the 2022 Shakespeare production, “The Winter’s Tale.” Though they have participated in different sports and activities throughout the years they both have a huge drive to improve the school’s environment. They have a number of ideas on ways to make our community greener, one of which is revamping the worm farms and vegetable boxes within the school. With a driven council behind them they are ready to make a change to our school for the better and they are super excited to get the whole school involved.

We are excited about running many events this year. We are especially looking forward to Arbour Day on the 3rd of June, which is a stand out event of the year. We aim to improve the waste management system at our school and increase what we recycle and reuse. As we said earlier we are currently working on fixing up our worm farms so that they can fuel our vegetable gardens that we are also recreating. We are also super excited for our recycle boutique/clothes swaps that will be coming up so make sure to keep an ear out for all the exciting environment events that we are super excited to bring to you this year!