Students throughout Term 1 have been involved in a huge range of courses and different work experiences through a number of programmes in the Careers Centre.


Students have been enjoying the great outdoors on the New Zealand of Apiculture Level 3 course run by the Pacific Coast Technical Institute (PCTI).

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving classes started this term in the Career Centre with Ray Watson from SynergyeQ LTD. Please come to the Careers Centre for more information if you wish to do a defensive driving course this year.


Horticulture Students (1HSC) had their first day on the job clearing the site and preparing the seedbed at Holland Road Farms. This is a secondary-tertiary (STP) partnership between the Hillcrest High School Science Department and PCTI (Pacific Coast Technical Institute). An awesome day had by all including a well cooked BBQ by the students! Even made hash browns from the potatoes that they harvested.

University Tour

Sally Graham (Careers Consultant) took Legacy Davies, Natahlia Awhitu, Lydie Bowden and Anika Kinzett-Rolfe for a visit to meet Waikohu Keelan, (Future Student Maaori Advisor). They started with a hot chocolate from a Village Green Café, followed by a mihi and a visual presentation of what the University has to offer, with a particular focus on Maaori student opportunities. A campus tour took them around the new Law building, where Legacy tried out the role of judge in the model courtroom, and into a lecture theatre for a sneaky look at a lecture in progress. An inspirational overview of the University’s new Bachelor of Climate Change followed, given by the Deputy Dean of Science, Jo Lane. Fueled by lunch at the Village Green, they continued to explore the campus, stopping off at the Halls of Residence, Academy of Performing Arts and finishing at the Library.

Construction Level 2 – Completing the plumbing module