The Bollywood dance group is well known at school for the energetic and colourful dances they perform at school assemblies, and other school events, such as the Autumn Gala, International Concert and the Cultural Awards. The group was even invited to perform at the Cherry Blossom Festival last year by a member of the community who runs the event! As the teacher in charge of the Bollywood dance group, I want to see them flourish and I would like to be able to provide costumes and props so that they can perform many different styles of Indian/Bollywood dances. We need support from the community to do that. One of the ways that you could do that is by donating any Indian costumes you no longer need/wear, such as saris, lahenga suits, salwar kameez and kurta-pajama suits. We would appreciate men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, and accessories too. Any items that we cannot use ourselves, we can sell to fundraise to purchase any other accessories we require for our costumes. By having a range of costumes that the Bollywood group has access to, it means that we will be able to make our performances more authentic and versatile. Thank you in advance for your support and donations of costumes and accessories.
Whaea Rita and the Bollywood Group