Principal’s Assembly Speech

March 20, 2024

We are already in Week 8 and the next two weeks are short weeks before the last full week of the term. I am loving the positive hum of our kura. I want to thank the students who are giving new things a go and also thank the students who are genuinely participating in our House haka competition.

Think about this whakatauki – Ehara toa i te toa takitahi, engari, he toa takitini”.

My success (or my strength) is not that of a single person but instead the strength of many.

You may not feel very confident at performing the haka but every voice and every action counts to make the whole work. Your contribution as an individual adds to the strength of the House. May the best House win on the day.

I am, however, deeply gutted at the number of students who are vaping at school. You ruin the feel of the bathrooms and you ruin the ability for every student to go to a bathroom and feel safe emotionally and physically. Some of you are addicted to the nicotine and while I sympathise with you on this you need to find a way to last the day.

Circumspice our school motto is a Latin term meaning “look around”. It means to be aware of one’s surroundings and to thoroughly examine or consider all aspects of a situation or problem. The term look around is also in our school haka tirohia ake.

Why am I speaking of our school motto? It is summer tournament week and yet mustering for winter sports has already begun. There are many other ways you can participate in the wider school life and this assembly is about participation. Look around at the things you can be involved in. If you get involved then you will feel happier not only about your own self and your achievements but also feel a sense of belonging to our community.