International Students

February 29, 2024

The international student programme began more than 25 years ago and in that time Hillcrest has gained a strong reputation in not only providing quality academic courses enabling students to pathway to universities here and overseas, but also in offering a wide range of opportunities outside the classroom and excellent support from the International Student Centre.

The school welcomed 23 new international students at the beginning of the term bringing our total to 53 students from 15 different countries. The new students have settled in well and are enjoying a wide range of new experiences in and out of school including visiting Tauwhare Marae. 

Prym, Thailand ”I am really enjoying all the different cultures in the school. The visit to the marae helped me learn what is important in Maori culture. I also really like all the choices students have – we can choose our own subjects, and can join lots of different clubs.” 

Jenny, Cambodia “I like how the school takes students on field trips to help their learning. On the biology trip we were able to see insects in their natural environment. I am used to just learning from a book.”

Synva, Norway “I like having five, one hour classes a day. In Norway we only have up to three classes a day as we have double periods.” 

We are always looking for more families to join our host family programme. This can be a very rewarding experience so if you are interested in providing long or short term stays please contact Mrs Delwyn Dawson