Hillfest 2024

March 27, 2024

The Arts Captains Amira Stephenson and Jasmine Terry alongside the Arts Council (Zara Brassington, Max Brazendale, Sarah Briston, Chris Collett, Miya Duligall, Tammy Hogarty, Rania Khan, Madeline Molloy, Valerie Pearce, Noah Standing, Annabelle Waters and Benjamin Wong) hosted and organised a fantastic event on Thursday 21st March.

After one postponement, everyone involved in Hillfest were happy to see that Thursday 21st March was a bright day with lots of sunshine! 

The Arts Captains alongside their Council spent Term 1 organising and thinking about Hillfest, a fun lunchtime event to promote and get the rest of the student body and teachers involved in the Arts. 

There were sausages and Mama’s Donuts for sale, student bands playing, face painting, caricatures, mural painting, a photo booth and lots of prizes.

The student musicians did a fantastic job keeping everyone entertained and singing along. 
Hoon – consisting of Chris Collett, Ethan Collins, Taylor Neal,Henare Snowling
Izzie Stevenson
Nevermoist – consisting of Miya Duligall, Danielle Vhava, Ethan Collins, Maddie Stanley
Red, White, and Pink – consisting of Jenna Stephenson, Tammy Hogarty, Ashley Buckley, Ashlee Dreadon, Casey Turner, Hannah Parkinson
Jenna Stephenson & Isla Fisher