French Immersion Camp

March 11, 2024

On Friday the 8th of March, Mrs Howard-Shi and I drove the school van to the Koopua camping ground in Raglan with a group of 5 Year 12 French students, 1 Year 13 and Elise van Espen, the Belgian girl on a Rotary exchange programme. 

There we mingled with 9 French students from Cambridge High School taught by Mrs Feast and accompanied by 2 French-speaking exchange students until Saturday early afternoon.

On Friday afternoon, evening and Saturday morning, the girls and boys from both schools were thrown into a range of activities that required of them to communicate in French: short icebreakers, newspaper sculptures (see photo) and sand-castle formation (see photo)representing French culture, teacher-led interactive games, crêpe-making (see photo), one scavenger hunt in the township and one around the camp, movie watching, pétanque playing, a yoga session, croissants for breakfast, …

The two short days were full of pace and French-speaking and our girls did their best to interact with everyone in French. Zariah D’Ath particularly impressed me with her desire and ability to speak French at all times, kudos to her!

A big thank you from me to Mrs Howard-Shi who took time off to accompany us and was in charge of the pancake-making sessions!

Mr Fantastique aka Mr Menard