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2015 Course Confirmation

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Workbooks & Subject Fees List
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Welcome to Hillcrest High School
a school that has a passion for learning and intellectual vitality and is committed to
the development of active, confident, creative and innovative learners 


Senior Leaders 2014

Student Leaders


The Year 10 Great Barrier Experience

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The Vocational Pathways are a new tool that provides a clear framework for vocational options, support better programme design and careers advice, and improve the links between education and employment.

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Peer Support Follow Up Training
29 January 2015 1.30 - 3.30pm in the gym.  
All must attend.

Beginning of year 2015


Saturday 24 January 
- Online Course Confirmation open

Monday 26 January 
- Auckland Anniversay Day (no school)

Wednesday 28 January
School Administration and Accounts offices open
- Course confirmation Years 11, 12, 13
  (for those who can't confirm online)
   Surname A-L:
   Go to old gym between 9am - 12noon
   Surname M-Z:
   Go to old gym between 12.30pm - 3.30pm
   Senior student leaders' - planning meeting
   House Captains' meeting - 1pm

Thursday 29 & Friday 30 January
- Staff only days (no students attend)
- Except on Thursday 29 there is Peer Support
   Follow Up Training, 1.30-3.30 in gym.  All peer 
support leaders must attend.

Monday 2 February
- Year 9, 10 and all new students begin
   Meet outside the JL Gym at 8.45am
   Powhiri for all Year 9 and other new students at
   Yr 11 - 13 - Interviews with Deans (Deans will
   contact the students they wish to see)
   Camp Leaders' training and Tauwhare Leaders'

Tuesday 3 February
- Only Year 9 and 10 attend
   Yr 11 - 13 - Interviews with Deans (Deans will
   contact the students they wish to see)

   Camp Leaders' training and Tauwhare Leaders'

Wednesday 4 February
- Year 11, 12, 13 and ILC begin
   8.45 - Y11 to Old Gym 
              Y12 to JL Gym 
              Y13 to Auditorium


Thursday 5 February
- All students attend

Friday 6 February - Waitangi Day (no school)