On 27 May 2022, the Year 10 Enterprise class (10EES) had 9 business teams selling a variety of goods at the Bi-Annual Year 10 Market Day. The aim of Market Day was for students to work individually or in groups of 3 or 4 to plan, make/bake, promote and sell a product. 

The goods sold included sausage sizzles, brownies, boba/ice tea, iced cupcakes, cinnamon buns and chocolate cakes. Students had a lot of fun selling the goods in competition with our established school canteen, but through it all, students successfully paid back their parents/investors and made a good profit. 

The key lessons for the Year 10 Enterprise students during Market Day was working and communicating as a group, coordinating and communicating with a range of stakeholders/individuals and learning to plan and reflect on a group activity. Their final assessment will be using their Accounting skills to make an economic decision about creating a real life business/shop from it or not. Students who have some interest in Commerce/Enterprise/Business Studies Accounting/Economics can take our Year 11 Accounting or Year 11 Economics subjects or Year 12 Business Studies in 2023.

A special thanks to key staff, parents who invested their money/resources into the finished goods and company supporters including New World, Hillcrest. We look forward to another Year 10 Enterprise Market Day in Term 4, 2022.