Winter Sport Update

June 25, 2023

Our Tier One winter sports have been benefitting from the increased funding and expertise being put in over the course of the season so far. Thanks to the support of Grassroots Trust and Hillcrest New World these sports are going from strength to strength in the lead up to winter tournament week next term.

Our football teams have been experiencing a lot of success under the guidance of Heads of Coaching Greg Hobson (girls) and Jarrod Young (boys) plus our group of high quality coaches that they oversee. Both First XI’s are competing well in the premier divisions with the standout performance coming from the girls team in beating Cambridge HS 10-4, with Lily Brazendale scoring an incredible 8 goals in the match! Our junior premier boys, coached by Jarrod, are unbeated in their division and are learning to play a great style of football that encourages them to hold onto the football and express themselves. Our junior premier girls, coached by Mitchell Roe, are currently 2nd in Division 1 and have scored and amazing 37 goals in the season so far. Jess Dunn has been in fantastic goal scoring form, having scored 15 goals in 5 games and has been backed up by Leila Steward with 8 goals. All four of our premier teams have qualified for the second round of the Knockout Cup and we wish them well for these upcoming fixtures. 

Basketball is working hard to raise their game under the guidance of Head of Coaching Hemi Marshall and premier boys coach Tama Green. There is a real focus on skill development with a combined training approach being taken where the juniors get to mix it up with the seniors. Our senior premier boys are on track to achieve their goal of stepping up to the premier grade next year and the two senior girls teams are on track to do the same in their respective competition. 

Netball is in a period of regrowth and our young premier team, under the guidance of Irene Gubb, are working hard to improve their skill levels while they compete well in the premier secondary competition. The team has had good wins against Cambridge HS and TVP Thunder in addition to a hard fought 29-29 draw against Waikato Dio. With 7 junior teams competing this year we have a good base to grow the game at Hillcrest while we look to return to being a competitive force in Waikato netball.