As part of our lead up to our 50th jubilee we are highlighting our current staff who loved Hillcrest so much they came back to work here. Check out the picture below:
Left to right:
Front Row:
Amber  Bergman (Connors) 2000-2004 Digital Tech, Chanelle Godfrey 2006-2010 Teacher Physical Assistance Centre, Shiro Binks (Kumar) 1996-2000 HOD Drama and Head of Arts Faculty, Janki Ladwa 2011-2015 English, Margie Bardsley (Spiller) 2003- 2006 Asst Head of English Faculty, Hannah Gregory (Bailey) 2007 Dean Year 10 and Head of Biology.
Back Row:
Gordon Sim 1993-94 Social Science and Learning Support Centre, Josh Groom 2002-2006 Assistant Dean and Head of Department Sports Studies, Jordon Baker 2001-2005 English and Assistant Dean, Janine McPake 1976-80 Social Sciences, Elissa Cooper (Davies Colley) 1991-1996 English.
Absent Nicola Gammon (Walling) Assistant Head of Social Science Faculty and Head of Department History, Megan Knudsen (Walling) 2005-2009 Learning Assistant