Matt Walsham was a student at Hillcrest High School between 1992 and 1996. Matt recalls ‘as most people, my high school years were the most influential of my life

Given that I spent the vast majority of my time in the music department (under the fantastic tutelage of David Sidwell, Andre Worsnop & the indomitable Sue Radford) then I think it’s safe to say that the Hillcrest Music department was the most important influence in setting set my life on a course that I never really varied much from, and has led to a wonderful career in the music industry for me over the last 26 years’.

Given this huge influence that Hillcrest had on Matt, he was excited to learn of the school’s 50th Jubilee celebrations and had every intention on coming back home (Matt lives in Australia now) in order to attend. Alas, life and work has got in the way; and Matt was not be able to return home to New Zealand at this particular time.

Amongst the many things that Hillcrest gave Matt, was some of his first exposure to Roland and BOSS products. It was there that he discovered so much inspiration in Roland products like the HP-2700 piano, JUNO-106 Synth, U-220 Sound Module, FP-8 Stage Piano, (not to mention the utterly indestructible CUBE-100 guitar amp) and many other products that used to kick around the music department at the time. Matt said ‘through my time at HHS I came to know Roland as the defining name in music technology and build quality. It’s an opinion that stuck with me my whole life; and is really the basis of why I regard my current job working for Roland as really my dream job’.

‘I figure then; what better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hillcrest High School than for me to make a donation of a RD 2000 88 Note digital stage piano.’

Head of Music Mervyn Cook said the RD 2000 88 Note digital stage piano was very impressive with functionality and sound quality. ‘We have our school show coming up in 2023 and we can see the RD 2000 making a considerable contribution’.

On behalf of Hillcrest, thank you Matt, and we are pleased you have such fond memories of your time here.