U15 Rugby season

September 10, 2023

As our season comes to a close, we are pleased to share with you the remarkable journey of our Hillcrest High Under 15s Rugby Team, throughout the last season.

It has been a season filled with incredible growth, inspiring teamwork and unwavering resilience. Our team’s progress on and off the field has been truly outstanding.

At the outset of the season our team was filled with enthusiasm but faced several challenges. However, the dedication and guidance delivered from our Head Coach Matt Naden, has resulted in steady improvements in skill, strategy and overall performance.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the season has been the growing confidence and comradery of our players. Week by week, we witnessed this squad of young men walk onto the field ready to play for each other, against any opponent put in front of them.

Throughout the season, there have been many different moments that demonstrated our team’s strength and resilience. Having come off second best to some closely contested matches, our team finally began to be rewarded for all their hard work and determination. A gutsy 31-21 victory over Hamilton Boys’ High School, played in torrid conditions and 42-10 victory against Te Kuiti High School, capped off what could only be described as a hugely successful and rewarding season for the team.

As the season closes out, our team’s journey continues. The growth and confidence gained during this season will undoubtedly steer them towards even greater success, next rugby season 2024.

We wish to extend our thanks and appreciation, to all those that assisted in coaching/managing, supportive whanau and enthusiastic fans!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these outstanding young athletes.