Traffic Safety at Hillcrest High School

August 9, 2023

We are still really struggling with ensuring the front of our school is safe at pick up time.

We have parents who are so intent on picking up their aakonga directly in front of the school that we see the worst of driving skills, which presents such danger to our students.

We beg of you please do not:

– Park on yellow lines

– Double park

– Do u-turns in front of the school in front of streams of traffic

– Drive over the pedestrian crossing when the lights are orange or red

– Park in the Master’s House carpark

– Turn in to the staff car park to pick up students

Instead please park in a side street for pick ups and make your child get some exercise to get to you. How about parking in Carrington Avenue and having your child walk across the field?

Please also have conversations with your child about being street smart and looking for traffic not looking at their phones as they walk along the road.

We are also having problems with students riding their bikes along the footpath and across the pedestrian crossing.

Our teachers are not police officers. Please do not make them feel like they have to become antagonistic and authoritarian to make you see sense. They have our students’ best interest at heart. We do not want to have a fatality because you do not feel your child can walk a few minutes to meet with you.