Thank you to our MAJOR Sponsors

July 2, 2024

Hillcrest High School is supported by a number of major sponsors. Please take a moment to look at and acknowledge our major supporters

Grassroots Trust are a major supporter of our Tier 1 Sport Programme. As a result of their support we are able to provide a high level of coaching and support for our pathway athletes. As well as specialist coaches we employ strength and conditioning coaches and have been able to purchase new school sport uniforms while ensuring our sports fees can stay as low as possible.

New World Hillcrest are one of our biggest supporters and have been for a number of years. Hillcrest New World support our Tier 1 Sports Programme as well as other events throughout the school. Their support for our volunteers and fundraising events is also much appreciated.

Paladin Sports NZ are our Sports Uniform providers and support the school in a number of ways through sponsorship. We are grateful for their support and high quality gear.

Thank you to both Armstrong Security Hamilton and the University of Waikato School of Engineering who have both sponsored new gazebos for the school. These will be used at school events and sports. Thank you for your support.