Term 2 update from your Head Students:

One event that we were able to participate in this term was the Student Leaders Lunch held at Waikato Dio on the 24th of May. This was a fun and interesting event, which involved us getting together and meeting with many of the other student leaders from schools in Hamilton. Due to the usual Headzup Day being compromised due to Covid, this event was a great opportunity for us to get to know other students in similar positions. Although only three of us were able to attend, we still managed to get a lot out of the event, and met a lot of interesting people who we hope to see throughout the year.

Another event that we attended recently was the GRIP Leadership Conference. This was held in Auckland and looked at the qualities needed to be a successful leader. Around 100 other students were present at the event, and different speakers came in throughout the day to discuss topics relating to us as students with leadership roles within our schools. Some of the topics looked at were striving to do things better than previously, leading with integrity, working effectively as a team, and how to improve public speaking. Overall, this was an enjoyable experience and we returned to Hamilton knowing a lot more about how we can use our rolls to impact students within the school.

Recently we have been designing and organising the Leavers Gear for 2022. After assembling a group of Yr 13 students and forming the leavers committee earlier this year, we began by creating our first sketches individually. Then we brought our designs together and using different aspects of the sketches we created potential designs, before deciding as a group on four final designs. Currently, we are holding try-ons for Yr 13 students to figure out sizing for their gear, and ordering is available as well. In the coming weeks, we will finalise the orders for the gear, and hope to send them to the clothing companies by the end of term.

We wish everyone a good holiday break. 

Giorgia, Hayley, Joel & Tristan