Thank you all so much for your efforts this term. To complete as many training, tournaments, and leagues as we have this term, with COVID restrictions, players isolating, interruptions from other sports and constantly adjusting timetables and training schedules is nothing short of a heroic effort!

There is a large group of people who require special thanks for supporting our students and players, and the Futsal programme in general during this period. Without this input, the program would not have been as successful!
HHS Futsal Committee: Brent Kenny, Lee TeKani, Martin Seiffert, John Martin
HHS Futsal Coaches: Olivia Hooper, Davis Vhavha, Sean McLeod
HHS Sports & PE Department Staff: Grant Bradburn, Bruce Flemming, Hans Uivel
HHS Team Managers: C Friis, R Ward, G Doake, A Burney, R&R Slade, C Munro, R McPherson, M Thomas, B Kenny, L TeKani
HHS Student Volunteers: Ethan Doake, Trinaka Kenny, Zeelia Seiffert, Kim Bun, Liam Landers, Halina Free, Eli Bills, Giorgia Lawson, and many others who have supported and assisted with our Junior teams.
FourZero Futsal Director: Kyle Wisnewski (Kyle supported the program extensively while I was out of action with illness)

School Futsal Stats
We had a total of 11 teams, and 109 students representing HHS this term across 8 different leagues and competitions. For the first time, we also have Social teams in multiple age groups, allowing us to offer more futsal opportunities to a wider range of students. This is one of our highest ever number of participating teams and players, and demonstrates the continuing growth of futsal within our school community.
This term our students have participated in over 92 trainings/trials and our coaching staff have provided more than 120 hours of coaching to our students.

Our students played 195 games of Futsal this term across all leagues and competitions, winning approximately 65% of these games and scoring 470 goals!
Almost every team placed in the top half of their leagues, with 5 of our teams actually winning leagues or placing in the top 3.

Special mention must go to our Senior Premier Girls, who won the HHS Futsal Fiesta, and to our Junior Boys Development, and Junior Boys Social teams for winning their Friday night Leagues.