Once again our annual Talent Crest was not a night to miss. From beautiful dances, to awesome music performances, and even a couple of hilarious comedy acts; these Hillcrest students gave it their all. Our judges this year were Bailey Lindsey, Hannah-Rose Cook, Celia Griffiths, and Benny Marama, a collection of incredibly talented Hillcrest (and honorary Hillcrest) Arts alumni. The judges enjoyed every performance, but those selected for prizes were as follows:

1st place – Kpop Dance Group

2nd place – Kristin Hancock (Contemporary dance)

3rd place – Makayla Reilly (Vocal performance)

Honourable mention – Juliana Damhuis (Vocal performance)

The school Bollywood dance group also received the crowd favourite award and one of our Visual Arts students Vicky Wang received an award for her entry in the Visual Arts competition that was on display. We finished the night with an encore from our amazing Kazoo Performance Group and danced to their rendition of ‘Mr Sandman’. We were so amazed by the talent there was to showcase at Hillcrest High School on the night and are super excited for the rest of the arts events we have planned for the year.

  • Amira Stephenson