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Input Valued

We have a short survey we would love you to fill in so we can get a feel for what you think about a...

2024-04-09T16:35:25+12:00April 9th, 2024|Comments Off on Input Valued

Library Lift Opening

As an inclusive school we are proud to now have our Library accessible to all students. Yesterday we...

2024-04-09T10:41:04+12:00April 9th, 2024|Comments Off on Library Lift Opening

New staff 2024

This year we have a number of new faces within our Kura. In our last newsletter we introduced you to...

2024-04-08T20:40:18+12:00April 8th, 2024|Comments Off on New staff 2024

Autumn Gala

Autumn Gala, 2024’s hottest carnival was at HHS on Monday, 25th March. It was a blast and seeing...

2024-04-03T12:31:25+13:00April 3rd, 2024|Comments Off on Autumn Gala
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