This newsletter we are highlighting some of our amazing artists. Check out all about Jennifer’s piece of art here:

My artwork is based on a traditional Opera Drama in China with the name of “Farewell my Concubine”. It was also produced in a movie that was directed by Chen Kaige. My two subject matters are Xiang Yu and Yu ji, which symbolises a pathetic love story, where in the war with Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty to seize feudal domination, the overlord Xiang Yu was defeated at last. Knowing that the situation was gone, he had to bid farewell to his concubine Yu ji. But Yu Ji cannot endure life without her lover Xiang Yu, so she committed suicide. 

I use acrylic to paint on a fine art canvas to produce my artwork on a large scale for exhibition. It is obvious that I included varicoloured circle shaped hair ornaments symbolising the togetherness and harmony of lovers. I have always loved the beauty of Chinese Opera Dramas, and the euphemistic stories of love, war, and friendship and as a fan, it made me want to paint and propagate my culture to the wider world. The emotions I want to try to show in my artwork are the atmosphere of sorrow, due to the original love story of Xiang Yu and Yu Ji. I hope that everyone deserves an awesome time with their loved ones because you would never predict if happiness or accidents will come first for the next day. We should live in the moment and enjoy life.

My goal for my work is to improve my painting skills on canvas by using acrylic paintings. Also to let people understand that China has had this awesome traditional music since thousands of years ago and it still exists with countless performers that are willing to pass it on to their students or their offspring. Overall, my thoughts towards my artwork are great and it is meaningful to me because it makes me feel like I’m proud to be Chinese and proud of my culture. But definitely there are spaces to improve my artwork that I might need to work on in the future.