Spanish immersion camp

June 5, 2023

Between 25-27 May a group of senior Spanish students participated in the National Spanish Immersion Camp in Rotorua.


The camp is organised by Spanish teachers to host students from different schools of New Zealand and is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture.

This year there were seven schools from across the North Island. Our students participated in many Spanish language based workshops; they learnt to dance salsa, prepare Spanish tapas and played games; they took part in various quizzes testing their knowledge of Hispanic culture, history and geography.

The greatest highlight for Hillcrest High School group was the Hispanic song competition. We choreographed and presented a Chilean song by La Combo Tortuga” Soy feo pero rico” (I am ugly but rich) and we won first place for it!The very intense Friday ended with a Redwood Forest Tree walk at night. Truly a magical place after a day packed with activities in Spanish!