Service week was, as per usual, an exciting week involving engaging activities. Monday involved a mock referendum on making New Zealand a republic, infographics on political parties, and encouraging people to vote. Tuesday was run by our wonderful Interact leaders, which involved a good deeds lucky dip and writing notes of appreciation for our hardworking teachers. Wednesday was themed around animal rights, and our Kind to Every Kind subgroup leaders held tasters for vegan food and showcased delicious alternatives to animal products. Our Amnesty International leaders had engaging infographics and scavenger hunts on Thursday to educate around human rights issues. On Friday, we finished off with SADD running a water balloon activity which incentivised learning the road code, and our Interact volunteers delivered over 200 lovely notes from our students, paying respect to our teachers who embody service in their tireless teaching. Throughout the week, we also advertised for Shave for a Cure and Beautiful Lengths, held on Monday Week 7.
Shave for a Cure and Beautiful Lengths also proved to be a success, with over 150cm of hair being donated in total, and over $5700 being donated so far in support for our students; it was a moving event where everyone dedicated their shaves to those in their lives who were affected by cancer. Thank you to everyone who came and supported our students! Donations are also still open, so please feel free to go to to donate as well.