Introducing your Service captains for 2022, Sebin Chung and Janet Guo.

Sebin Chung
During my time at Hillcrest High School, I have been constantly putting an effort to integrate myself into the school life and the wider community. I have been involved with many different opportunities Hillcrest offers, such as being the captain of our school’s Table Tennis team, playing badminton, as well as playing the flute in concert band. Throughout my high school years, I have received so much support and love from my peers and teachers at Hillcrest High School. Since I have always enjoyed volunteering and helping other people, I wanted to then give back to the community through service. My experiences are numerous: in the past 4 years, I’ve been part of the Junior, Cultural and Service councils, served in the FEED Breakfast Club, and led both Peer Support and Interact. I am very honoured to be able to apply these skills as one of your Service Captains for 2022.

Janet Guo
My time at Hillcrest High School has been an invaluable journey of growth. Having experienced Hilly in its many wonderful aspects – Shakespeare for the Arts, Table Tennis for Sports, Lion Dance for Culture, and Competitive Maths/Science for Academics – I have found priceless friends and experiences from the opportunities that Hillcrest offers. As such, I am extremely grateful and endeavour to give back to the school – and what better way to do that than Service? Since Year 9, I have volunteered in many different positions: whether it’s participating in different councils, coaching Waimaths, being a Peer Support leader or leading Interact, they have taught me skills and helped me learn more about the community that I serve. I am super glad to be able to put these skills into practice as one of your Service Captains for 2022!

Our plan for the year:
As the 2022 Service Captains, we are aiming to get as many students as involved in service as possible. This could be in the form of volunteering, donating or even simply engaging with our events and learning about important elements of service. We’ve ran new events this year already – mini scavenger hunts providing infographics on important women for IWD, a combined expo with other councils to promote our fantastic subgroups, and having a free dress day to fundraise over $750 for efforts in Ukraine and Tonga – and we’re so excited to keep the ball rolling this year! We will be continuing classic traditions such as the 40 Hour Famine and Service Week, but we’ll also be innovating and introducing new events to try and get everyone involved in serving the community. Please look forward (and come) to our events as we work to serve and take care of our community in this undeniably still unpredictable year!