A component of the Year 12 Media Studies course is to create a music video as part of the production process and this was submitted into this draw. Talented Year 12 Media Studies students Alex Collett, Sage Garett and Lachlan Braithwaite got ZM’s Choice Best Music video, winning $500 and a GoPro Hero 10. Likewise, Ephraim Frame also entered his music video and got highly commended lighting. This year OnScreen 2022 saw a partnership between NZOnscreen and Showquest, who are responsible for: Smokefreerockquest, Smokefree Tangata Beats and Rockship Bandquest. The song, ‘My Time Has Slid By’, was a previous Smokefree Rockquest song. They chose this as it t fit lyrically and musically with the concept of their music video.  What the judges liked about their work was the authentic performances and the ‘coming of age vibes’, the use of the photography and darkroom to establish the relationship between the friends. See ZM Online article with deals and video here.  See the music video on OnScreen’s YouTube

The Outlook for Someday is a sustainability filmmaking competition running since 2007.  It’s not the first time HHS students have entered (and won). There will be a screening on the 3rd of December and out of the 24 films have been nominated, Alex Collett’s is one. His film, ‘Te Kete nui a Tāne’, targets light pollution and how it makes it difficult to see the stars in cities. Alex chose light pollution because he feels appreciating the world’s natural beauty (through the night sky in this case) can encourage people to act more sustainably themselves.  Stay posted for an update on Alex’s entry. 

The above competitions are only a fraction of potential options to get involved in over the year, students cover school events or work on special extra curricular products as part of the Take Media Production Crew or there is always a production aspect to all levels o