At the beginning of 2022 we set an exciting new direction for Sport at Hillcrest. After much consultation and discussion, Hillcrest High School has refreshed and reaffirmed the value that Sport plays in the development of well rounded, confident, adaptable and successful young New Zealanders. While we encourage and strive for the prestige of Winning, it is the process of putting ourselves into contention, where we believe a whole bunch of wonderful values lie. In short, we want to earn the right to have our Sporting Programs, plus our Health & Wellbeing focus to be compelling reasons to choose Hillcrest High.

Over the past 8 months we have made great strides towards our new Vision. While all Sports Codes are important to us, the primary focus initially has been to surround our Tier One Sports (Netball, Football, Futsal, Volleyball, Cricket) with quality coaching and organisation. All of these Sports now have Heads of Code in place, plus an impressive array of quality skills coaches, working hard towards achieving clear goals. We are conscious of providing our Tier One Sports with the equipment they need to progress and succeed, while our players and coaches look amazing and proud in our Paladin Uniforms.

Hillcrest are very appreciative of our Sponsors who have been inspired to support our new vision. Special thanks to Grassroots, New World Hillcrest, Cozy, Alderton Builders, Early Construction and Paladin, who have all provided valuable support in 2022.