We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Rainbow Hub Waikato to deliver an elective series of Rainbow Wellbeing workshops for our tauira to opt into if they would like a bit of extra support. 

The purpose of these workshops is to help improve the hauora of our Rainbow students. This is important because the Rainbow community are often overrepresented in the negative mental health statistics due to the unique challenges they face within society. The Ministry of Education recognises this disparity and is encouraging schools to do what they can to best support their Rainbow students; this is part of the reason why we feel it is so important to offer this content, as well as the fact that improving wellbeing is one of our key strategic goals here at Hillcrest High School. 

This programme is also another way in which the school is demonstrating its commitment to diversity and inclusion. It is the next step in our journey towards making sure that all of our diverse tauira feel safe, seen and supported here at school – that no matter how they identify, their culture is valued. 

The workshops will take place within Hauora time at the start of Term 4 this year and will continue next year. For students who are interested in participating in these workshops, more information around the logistics of the programme will be provided via Schoology closer to the time. If students wish to participate, they will be able to choose to attend the session/s which are the most relevant to them, and will not be required to attend all of the workshops if they do not wish to. 

The topics covered in the programme will be centred around the following four key themes:

  • Rainbow identities and community
  • Queer history and Takataapuitanga 
  • Dealing with prejudice and conflict
  • Fostering healthy relationships 

We are really excited about the opportunities for connection, education and validation that these workshops will provide our Rainbow rangatahi, and want to thank you in advance for your support of this initiative. 

Ngaa mihi nui,

Rachel Kuysten (she/her)

Diversity Kaahui Ako Leader


Slay Way (they/them/ia)

Education Coordinator at Rainbow Hub.