Dear parents and caregivers

We have had a really positive start to the year, fortunately the school wasn’t directly affected by the recent cyclone, so there was no need to close the school. Our thoughts go out to those families and communities across the country who have been hardest hit by the cyclone. We currently have 1752 students on our school roll, this includes 47 international students. Our Year 10 is our largest year level with 423 students.

Last week we had our Year 9 parent evening. This was an opportunity for our parents to learn more about our school. We were absolutely delighted with the number of parents who attended. It is really important that strong communication occurs between parents/whaanau and the school. This strengthens the relationships and enhances your child’s success at school

This year groups of Year 9 Hauora classes will experience a day at Tauwhare marae. These were interrupted by covid, but we are pleased to resurrect them again this year. There is no cost to the students and they are compulsory. We see these as extremely valuable where the students will learn marae protocols, poowhiri, local history and other marae based activities.

Our core business continues to be and will always be, teaching and learning and student achievement. Each year the school focuses on several key priorities, which involve immediate and future plans, including planned changes to NCEA beginning from next year. In 2023 the priority areas are:

Ensure that the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Mana Oorite moo te Maaturanga Maaori are embedded in every classroom
Ensure that teaching and learning is student centred, innovative, recognises individual differences and culture, and extends all students to reduce disparity and promote excellence.
Promote an across school approach to ensure improved literacy and numeracy outcomes for Year 9 and 10 students to enable readiness for NCEA
Increase the numbers of students attending regularly

Attendance is the key to succeeding at school. Unfortunately nationally, the number of students attending school is declining throughout all levels of schooling. We are also concerned about the number of students who are absent from school. This is a significant focus from the Ministry of Education, and you will see that it is one of our key priorities for 2023 and beyond.

Recently we received approval from the Ministry of Education to begin the next phase of the construction of the new Independent Learning Centre (ILC). This new centre will replace the existing ILC, and create a much needed faculty for our ORS funded students. We will also be working with the Ministry of Education to add the Physical Assistance Centre (PAC) onto the new building, once the ILC has been completed.

I would like to highlight our Scholarship results and in particular the outstanding achievements of Janet Guo. In 2021, as a Year 12 student, Janet gained 9 Scholarships, including 3 Outstanding. This earned her a Premier Award as one of the top 12 scholars in the country. Last year Janet gained 12 Scholarships, including 4 Outstanding. This is an unbelievable achievement. Janet gained half of the total 24 Scholarships last year. We will need to see if Janet once again receives one of the top academic awards in the country.

There is always lots going on in the school for your child to be involved in. Planning and rehearsing for the school musical Pippin began in the holidays with over 100 students involved. Summer sports are well underway, and winter sports trials and registrations are beginning. In weeks four and five there will be an expo promoting the extra curricular activities and councils that your child could be involved in.

Parents and caregivers please maintain contact with the school. If you have any queries or concerns please don’t hesitate to email your child’s Hauora teacher or Dean. Sports inquiries can be made through Mr Grant Bradburn (Director of Sport) email and for the Arts contact Ms Emma Twigley (Arts Liaison) email

Ngaa mihi
Kelvin Whiting