PAC and Enviro Council tree planting at Hillcrest Park

July 27, 2023

On Monday 24th July the PAC students and staff, along with Ms McKnight and members of the Enviro council, were involved in some native tree planting at Hillcrest Park. This was organised by learning assistant Zoe and Gerard Kelly from HCC in conjunction with our Matariki learning.

This was a great opportunity to give back to the community and to experience the tree planting process first hand. The students and staff had a wonderful morning working together.

“It was cool to be in the bush… it was pretty nice planting trees” – William Bassett (PAC student)

“I liked planting trees… I enjoyed having fun with my friends” – Elly Studer (PAC student)

The following day we took a smaller group of PAC students back to the park as we noticed the amount of litter in amongst the trees. This was suggested by our students as they were quite shocked and concerned with what they saw when they were tree planting the day prior.

“There was so much rubbish on the ground… people need to stop littering everywhere!” – Elly Studer (PAC student)

The PAC would like to thank Gerard Kelly for assisting us with the planting, as well as Ms McKnight and the volunteers from the Enviro council for joining us.

Chanelle GodfreyPAC teacher