Maaori Success Evening on the 26th of October was an opportunity for whaanau to gather and celebrate the success of our rangatahi throughout the year. Tauira were recognised for representing the values of our kura, as well as their contributions to sports, art, kapa haka, and academics.

Our Manukura Maia Clark and Maia Ruba did a fantastic job of hosting the evening, which included a kooreo from Dr. Jack Hill and Dr. Andrew Warmington, who spoke about the importance of kotahitanga and making connections.

Congratulations to Maia Clark, who was honoured with the Whaanonga Overall Senior Maaori Student.

Major Award Winners:

Tihipuke Trophy – Outstanding Leadership in Whaanau and school wide – Maia Ruba

Service and contribution to Kapa Haka – Masha Kennard

Kaitataki Taane – Tristan Barclay

Kaitataki Waahine – Haylee Halford

Most accomplished Maaori in the Arts – Tylah-Dawnn Samuels Brown

Most accomplished Maaori Sports person – Tristan Barclay

Most accomplished Maaori Service Award – Haylee Halford
Overall Academic Maaori Student – Maia Clark
Hine-i-Te-Rangi Memorial Trophy – Maia Clark & Maia Ruba
Whaanonga Overall Senior Maaori Student – Maia Clark