International Languages Week was in the last week of Term Two. We had five days to celebrate the different international languages that are taught at our school, as well as the languages spoken by our students and staff. On Monday, it was French day and we had crepe tasting, face painting, Eiffel Tower building with spaghetti and many more activities. Tuesday was Spanish day with a Spanish quiz and Make it Like Messi to start off and Paint like Picasso at lunchtime. Wednesday was Japanese language day and we had a Kendo performance, okonomiyaki tasting and many other activities. Thursday it was Chinese day and we had hanfu try-ons, calligraphy, learning martial arts and many more. Finally, Friday was all languages day. We had a pin where you are from on the world map and had our HHS Bollywood group perform for us. During Hauora, there was a competition to identify the languages spoken by many staff at HHS in a video as well as a Kahoot quiz. Although it was raining most of the week, the activities still went on and it was an unforgettable experience.