Last week one of the much-anticipated house events, the exciting House Volleyball was held during lunchtime. On Tuesday and Wednesday, it started with a round-robin of all of the houses playing each other to determine which team went through to the semis. We saw some close matches to seed each team to find their opponent for the semi-finals. With Te Puea winning all their pool games they were placed in 1st to play off 4th seeded Sheppard. This left Snell to play Hillary in the second semi-final. Rutherford put up a good fight but was unlucky to miss out on the semifinals.

The semi results ended with Te Puea and Hillary on top and through to the final, held on Friday lunch. We decided to play the final as best of three sets to 15. It was a nail-biting final going 2 to 1. The scores were 15-9 and 11-15, Te Puea won the final set at 15-10 taking out House Volleyball 2022 Champions.

It was great to see so many of the students, juniors and seniors, boys and girls competing with and against their friends. The atmosphere in the gym was great and we are hoping that this continues to grow for the upcoming futsal and basketball competitions. One stand out to mention was Paul for his fantastic volleyball skills and team warmups helping Te Puea to victory.

The final placings are as follows 1st-Te Puea, 2nd-Hillary, 3rd-Snell, 4th-Sheppard, 5th-Rutherford.

– Written by Sports Captains Trinaka and Erik