This term we were able to hold a range of fantastic events. We kicked off the term with House Volleyball in Week 2. With the help of the Sports Captains, who organised a draw and allowed each House to showcase their talent on the court, we were able to run the events smoothly. The final was close with Te Puea winning against Hillary. Both teams showed strong determination making it an exciting game to watch.

In Week 4, we held our House Futsal competition which proved to be another fun event to organise. With both sets of bleachers full, it was great to see a lot of the school getting involved and showing some House spirit. Our Sports Captains were there every step of the way, helping us organise draws, equipment and placings. We had yet another tough final with Te Puea and Hillary battling it out on the court, ultimately concluding with another victory for Te Puea.

We then had our Basketball competition in Week 5 which was another success, drawing students far and wide to support our athletes showcasing their skills. Te Puea yet again came out on top; 2022 appears to be their year. In Week 9, we as house captains switched things up and had our Spelling Bee competition to allow students to showcase English skills. Congratulations to Douglas McRobie from Snell who won.

We had a lot of fun activities this term and have a lot of exciting opportunities next term to look forward to.

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