Our Ball this year, with a theme rooted in English literature of the 1800s, blended the aesthetics of high society in the regency period into the halls of University of Waikato’s Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts. Think spiral staircases, collector’s bookshelves, twisting ivy and oil paintings, crystal chandeliers and easels laden with canvases just waiting to painted – while we were unable to construct a new staircase to sit in the middle of the venue, we’d like to think we nailed the rest of the list.

HHS’ Manor on The Hill invited all Year 12 and 13 students to spend an evening up among friends on September 3rd, and we are happy to say that the turnout was outstanding! As always, it was awesome to see everyone dressed up for this annual event, ready to make the most of what we had to offer. This year’s Ball Royalty were Ashleigh Keene and Alisa Masters, and our Best Dressed, in a stunning lilac dress she customised herself, was Year 13 Alice Soanes. Once again, I would like to thank everyone for coming and making months worth of work worthwhile – we hope you enjoyed!

All Ball photos can be accessed here.

Eberwyn Ruck, Events Captain