One of our biggest tasks of the year, leavers gear, was finally sent off for ordering in Week 1 of this term. With over 170 items sold, we are awaiting the gear to arrive at school before we can distribute it to the year level. Our hoodie design consisted of a plain navy front with an embroidered crest and large numbers on the back. This year also marked the first in over 5 years with a varsity jacket rather than a rugby jersey or crewneck, which was very well received by the year level. Our leavers gear committee worked really hard to get designs created and orders made, so massive thanks to them! Check out this year’s designs: 

The next large event for us is the annual leavers dinner, which we’re in the beginning stages of getting organised. More to come soon!

Earlier this month we had our school open day. It was a large, full day event, with three sessions running successfully in the morning, afternoon and evening. Despite the large attendance, the auditorium managed to hold up, being completely full in the evening. The SSL led tours went smoothly, being able to effectively showcase all that Hillcrest has to offer. It was nice to get to know some of 2023s new potential year 9 group, and introduce them to the school for the first time. Overall, the efforts from staff and the student volunteers were greatly appreciated, and we hope to see many of the students here again at the start of next year.

As we are approaching the last quarter of the year we are a bit sad however we are excited. Our senior student leaders have worked very hard and have achieved so many things already. With multiple successful events such as house competitions, talent crest, arts fet, matariki, pride week/month to name a few. At the start of the year the SSL had a planning day. Our planning day looked at sustainability and how we could improve it within our own lives as well as at school and one of our projects was to try and improve our students’ recycling. We have put our sustainability goals into action with a new recycling bin system trial. The trial will be starting soon, we are very excited to see how this will go!

All senior students will be entering a bit of a stressful time in the next few weeks with mock exams starting in week 9. To try and ease students’ minds we held an assembly on how to balance study and keeping a healthy mind which we believe is very important. With that being said we wish everyone well on the mock exams. Kia Kaha!